Geo Command: A new game

At the start of the year I decided to start making a new game–one that I’ve been wanting to make for a little while. I’m not going to disclose much information about it yet, since it’s early in development, but I will say that it is a free GPS based game for the web and iOS devices called Geo Command.

UPDATE: Geo Command development has been discontinued. Sorry folks.

You probably know by now I’m a fan of time-lapse video, so in the coming weeks I’ll be posting time-lapse videos of my screen while coding the game. I’ve seen other game developers do this and I think it’s great. Alongside the videos, I’ll mention any cool stuff I’ve had to do and features implemented.

UPDATE! Here is the time-lapse video.

The plan so far is:

  • Create design document (done!)
  • Create the server in Python
  • Create a prototype the intitial game in Python with pygame HTML5 and WebGL
  • Once the game is balanced and fun, write it for the iPhone and iPad
  • Release to App Store!

I will be releasing the Python client to anyone interested in playing the development version of the game. There is a Twitter account called @geocmd for the game, if you want to get some super secret information about it.

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