An amazingly addictive and beautiful vector based tower defense game, Tower X will not let you sleep.

Tower X is on special at 0.99 USD for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


  1. Runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  2. Insanely addictive
  3. High quality vector style graphics and animations
  4. Highly balanced for the Tower Defense lovers
  5. Gamers at any skill level can get into it
  6. Easy to play but tough to become an expert!
  7. An excellent, pumping soundtrack by Redshirt Theory.
  8. Increase your game speed when you become awesome at the game, then you won’t turn back
  9. 8 unique levels
  10. 12 types of towers consisting of laser, heat, virus and cold towers
  11. Unlimited mode so you can play forever
  12. A myriad of achievements to accomplish
  13. Zoom in and out of the arena seamlessly with pinching
  14. High scores that you can compare to your mates
  15. Automatic saving and resuming