40 hour python multiplayer game challenge

After 6 days and 40 hours I managed to make a simple multiplayer game called Roids. On the surface it looks like another Asteroids clone but it is a litte more then that. At the moment Roids has two teams with players that fly around just like the original Asteroids, but one player on each team can become a RTS player. It was written in Python so it runs a little slow and will be improved over time. The version released was 0.0.1 and I’ll be working on it for the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “40 hour python multiplayer game challenge”

  1. Wow, i was looking for a while but i found this place at the end, a multiplayer Python game :) I am trying to start up with learning Python, its being a tough thing for me to learn, ever since 2009 it was xD

    I was wondering if you could send me a good link to a tutorial or a name of a book, or any source at all, really that helped you alot in understanding it :)

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