I find readability very important when reading data. It saves time and energy. To me, Python’s pprint module is not easy to read in a lot of cases so I made my own. This is how pprint looks like at the moment:

BetterPrint is based on a lot of the source code, which looks about 10 years old. It makes more sense to me to have braces aligned by column rather than jammed together inline. BetterPrint also introduces colour to increase readability even more. As you can see from the following screen shot:

BetterPrint is compatible with Python’s pprint module, so you can simply “import betterprint” aliased as pprint like so:

    import betterprint as pprint
except ImportError:
    import pprint

If you have setuptools installed simply run “easy_install betterprint”, or visit the web page for more details and installation instructions.

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