Brand New Website Design

Once again I’ve changed the look of the Slowchop Studios website. I think I’ll stick to this one for a while.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is pretty handy for showing old versions of a website. Here is in February, 2004:

And then in 2005, I loaded up the default theme of WordPress and started blogging random things about Python:

In 2008, I went for a minimalistic look:

But I got bored of it again, went for this new design. Does anyone want to place bets on when it’ll change again?

One thought on “Brand New Website Design”

  1. You got that together quick.
    I like what you did with it, maybe need to ‘blue’ it up a bit but on the whole it looks a lot better than i suspected in the screen-shots.
    Content always has a way of making something ‘full’.

    Good jewb

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