Geo Command: February Update

Geo Command, a GPS based game, is still under heavy development. The current target platform is HTML5 with WebGL, and later will be ported to iPhone, iPad and Android.

UPDATE: Geo Command development has been discontinued. Sorry folks.


I’ve been fairly quiet in the last few weeks, but don’t fret! Here are the list of features that have been worked on:

  • We have a new logo! Check out @geocmd to see it.
  • A new web layout and visual style. Here is a screenshot.
  • Font rendering in WebGL. There will be blog post about how to do this soon.
  • Partial map scaling, where you can be zoomed in between “major” zoom levels. Google Maps doesn’t even do this!
  • Slightly nicer texture rendering with mipmapping and correct clamp values.
  • A fair amount of infrastructure and deployment work.

Still Looking

We are still collecting people who want to test Geo Command when we start public testing. If you’re interested, please follow @geocmd and demand to be an alpha tester.

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