Dark Fighter Released

Dark Fighter is an awesome online multiplayer real-time strategy (RTS) game. Developed for the iPhone and iPod touch, there are endless hours of gameplay involved. Challenge friends or strangers from around the world for adrenaline pumping action, with a soundtrack to match.

After over a year of development, Dark Fighter has finally gone on sale! It is currently $1.99 USD and can be purchased on the App Store.

Features of Dark Fighter include:

  • Fast paced action
  • Internet Multiplayer
  • LAN Multiplayer
  • Informative Tutorial Missions
  • Skirmish Missions for offline play

What are you waiting for!?

TowerDefend is now $0.99!

TowerDefend is a game for the iPhone™ and iPod® touch. It is a real-time strategy game based on the Tower Defense genre of games where you build towers to shoot at creeps trying to escape the map.


  • 3 ranges of difficulty for skill and 4 map types, with more to come.
  • 12 types of towers, all with different abilities.
  • Scroll around the map with finger pinching and dragging.

After two years of being on the App Store, TowerDefend has now been reduced to 0.99 USD!

If you haven’t tried it, it’s pretty addictive! You can get it here on the App Store.

Python Quake 3 server rcon and query class

Once again, I couldn’t find a Quake 3 server query/rcon class for Python so I made one. This one is substantially better then the PHP Quake 3 rcon class that I made a few days ago. It’s called pyquake3. The features are:
* Simple interface
* Automatic retries
* Can access server variables
* Can send rcon commands
* Can collect player names, ping and frags.
* With an rcon password, can collect player ip addresses.

The Python Quake 3 project page is here.

40 hour python multiplayer game challenge

After 6 days and 40 hours I managed to make a simple multiplayer game called Roids. On the surface it looks like another Asteroids clone but it is a litte more then that. At the moment Roids has two teams with players that fly around just like the original Asteroids, but one player on each team can become a RTS player. It was written in Python so it runs a little slow and will be improved over time. The version released was 0.0.1 and I’ll be working on it for the next few weeks.