Mac App Store dealings with Gravit

The Mac App Store gave me an excuse to try to make money out of my Open Source gravity simulator, Gravit.

I signed up to the Mac Developer Program, packaged Gravit, and uploaded it. Soon after, I got an email mentioning:

2.5 Apps that use non-public APIs will be rejected

The following non-public APIs are included in your application:
CPSSetFrontProcess, CPSGetCurrentProcess and CPSEnableForegroundOperation from the ApplicationServices.framework

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Gravit universal binary released for Mac OS X

Gravit is an Open Source gravity simulator I started writing in 2003 and worked on it in my spare time until about 2005. It’s written in C and uses OpenGL, SDL and Lua.

Even though Gravit has worked on Mac OS X for a while, I didn’t get around to actually making a bundled application for it until now. Normally you would have had to compile it from source, usually with some tinkering of the source code and build settings.

The UI needs some more work to make it more like an OS X application, but I don’t have time for it at the moment. For now, here is the gravit-0.5.0.dmg universal binary and a quick tutorial on using it. Don’t forget to hold down the fn key when dealing with function keys, and if you have any problems please tweet them at me. Enjoy!

Creating an OS X Installer for Python modules and extensions

In the past, people have hassled me to make it easier for them to install my applications and libraries on OS X. I’m not very skilled with OS X, and searching for how to do this task took some time. I’ve made a script that does this in a modular way for Python. Specifically, this article describes the process of making a Python module or extension installer for OS X, similar to the Python installer for Windows.

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